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26 year-old male from Norfolk, VA
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So apparently I am featured...again?Hey everyone it has been 2 months since I was last on. It really doesn't seem that long at all. But to let you all know everything is going pretty good for me right now. Oh the bar is now out and the surgery went great. The next day I went to work and everything went fine. Ain't gonna stop me that easily!

Lets see what else...mainly I am stuck doing school and work these days now but right now its spring break and it is nice. Also got a new HP Laptop on the way which will be lots of fun to have and to go with it a colleague of my dads gave me a bunch of graphics software's to tinker with so I will have some fun with those, and annoyance's since I have no instruction manuals to go with them. But thats not going to stop me! It will just piss me off and slow me down a bit but whatever. And to go along with the software's I have been drawing more because I am going to need to know some of the fun basics to go with it. And i am getting better!.....slowly. Oh so very slowly. But whatever.

I know i'm not on here like I used to and i'm probably going to disappear again for awhile but hey nothing wrong with little ninja journals randomly popping up is there?
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