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25 year-old male from Sauk Rapids, MN
Hey, I'm Sean. I'm 14 years old. I like Halo 1&2. And Video Games in general. I also like to skateboard and snowboard, neither I'm really good at. I like to attend to Halo 1&2 LAN parties. My friend has a Xbox 360, and I'm better then most of my friends at Halo. I like Halo 1 more than Halo 2, but I love how Halo 2 is set up for the online system. Echo_Fox is the gamertag, yet I have not bought a Xbox yet :(. Whatever see you later.
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i found lovei only downloaded the demo to UT2K4 and already i'm in love, i'm going to go buy the game soon, woot woot.
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Name Sean
Occupation N/A
Birthday August 29th, 1989
Interests Watching T.V. Movies Hanging with Friends Playing Football Tennis Playing Halo and Halo2 LAN parties and other stuff
Music Bands: Avenged Sevenfold Metallica Ozzy Osbourne Led Zeppelin Fu Manchu Greenday (there old stuff) System of a Down Slipknot and many others.
Movies Euro Trip Not Another Teen Movie Jackass the Movie and many others that I do not have time to name because my fat friend is being extremely annoying.
TV Shows Family Guy Simpsons Futurama Cowboy Bebop FLCL Naruto Billy and Mandy Blue Gender Inuyasha South Park Robot Chicken Aqua Teen Hunger Force That's 70's Show and many more.
Books Books? And when have books ever let me get a triple kill using the rocket launcher in Beaver Creak huh? Tell me that right now. That's what I thought you can't.