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34 year-old male from Traverse City, MI
I am a 6 foot 5 inch friendly giant who is always used as Glothia and also a stand in through out his life as the evil giant. Who fears nothing but fear itself and is an old school gamer.
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Day ten of my video game land Travels

To the future reader of my journal. They may say you made the worst mistake in the world by going to silent hill but you dear reader will be wrong. I would never have met the most wonderful woman in the world and her name is Nanaka.

Oh thank you my love and I am happy that you did come. I would never have left that place and marry such a wonderful person.

Gee Nanaka you are not suppose to write in someone's journal and ........ wait how are you writing in this journal and how are my words I am speaking right now appearing in this book.

O came on Ekim do you not know that demons have powers that can do the impossible. suppose your lovely wife the ruler of silent hill. I am also the Destroyer of the dammed. bringer of death and other lovely titles but can only be spoken in high demonic which will crush your little mind dear.

I going to have stop writing or what ever this demonic book recording I am doing. until I tell my wife not
to help me record my travels.

O come on honey we can do this together. Just like how we killed all those damed people in that wicked church and do not forget I owe you so much love for your help pulling me out of Cage of fire. so that I can travel with you.

Dear reader as my last comment if you meet and fall in love with a woman in a mysterious town and see her trapped in a ring of fire right next to the exit. Do not jump into that fire and save her. It will lead to a shot gun marriage and never a quiet moment in your life.

Oh come on ekke you know you love me and you are just being mean because you cannot have your way, Now can I please suger plum help you with your journal.

Ok but stop being so lovely dovely. It's erie coming from you.

Think you ekke and we will write about our time in my kingdom of silent hill next and then
we will talk about honeymoon localtion. I am thinking about dead island or I have family in elm street.

I wish I never left home.
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