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I have a morbid sense of humour. I love to laugh and make dinosaur noises. I'm pretty easy to get along with but if you are a bigot & an ass. I have no reservations to kick your ass. . I've taken off my FR as I've been getting a lot of randoms. If we've met in IRL or had a great chat by all means message me. I've been part of this community since 2004, so I've been around quite a long time.I have been an active member in the planning committee for RvBTO since 2006. I've been the event coordinator/consultant for RvBTO from 2009 - 2012. I'm a consultant for TO:UnCon as well. No rest for me.
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Summer 2014My temp job for the not for profit organization ended at the end of July. They hired another FT girl and I didn't get the job at the end. I'm okay with that because it gave me two weeks off to just enjoy summer and prepare for TOUncon.

TOUncon was a success! I got to see most of my friends and made some new ones (like always). I was glad to host a few people to my place and everyone in the event met my puppy, Tucker (Bow Chicka Arf Arf).

The weekend was busy as usual and some hardships in between. It went by too fast and had to say good bye to folks too soon.

A few days later, I got a call for a temp job. Meet & greet went very well and I started the week after. My job assignment right now is one of the top jobs that I would like to obtain. I work for a researcher, OBY/GYN, professor for a well known hospital. It's a temp job but the MD that I'm working with really liked me and wanted to give me the opportunity to grow within the organization. I'm quite pleased that I made a huge impression with him and so far this assignment is a breeze.

I have a great balance of work and life altogether and I can actually do personal tasks during work. I was shocked to learn that I can actually take my time and not be in a crazy time crunch all the time. I need a job that will let me destress when I need to and work without anyone trying to breathe down on my neck every minute.

It's been 7 days of work and I am highly enjoying myself. The girl that trained me is leaving for the UK and honestly I wish that she didn't have to leave.

August is now about to end and I feel like I finally got to a point that I'm organized and ready to be an adult again. Tucker is having a hard time adjusting to my work schedule as he is used to me being home all the time. I have to retrain him to be less anxious whenever I go to work. *sigh* and also have his neutering appointment. He's been acting crazy. Damn those hormones.

Once again, ttfn.
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