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24 year-old male from U.K (Wales) the middle of no-where
I'm a guy who LOVES swords, wolves and silver....
i accept random friend requests but only if you watch me and comment sometimes
if you fear death, there's no point in living....

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StaringAfter having a staring contest with my snake for 5 minutes i realised why i lost, snakes dont have eyelids >< doh!
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Name Marcus: M,J,E,
Occupation I really don't know right now
Birthday April 28th, 1991
Interests Anime Driving Drumming Hanging out with friends Manga motorbikes PARTY!!!! Philosophy Snowboarding Swords Sword Fighting Surfing Video games Walking dogs and Wolves
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Music 3 Doors down Alien Ant Farm Asian Kung-Fu Generation Avril Lavigne Blink 182 Bob Marley Bon Jovi Breaking Benjamin Disturbed Electric Six Feeder Foo Fighters Godsmack GLC Green Day Guns n Roses Hoobastank Iron Maiden Korn Limp Bizkit Linkin Park Metallica Nirvana Papa Roach Puddle of Mud Rage Against the machine Ramstein Red Hot Chilli Peppers Rise Against Saliva Soundgarden Stone Sour Sum 41 Tenacious D The Almighty The Ceasars The Killers The Offspring Trapt Trivium Weezer
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