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29 year-old male from Ontario,Canada.. wishin I was in Europe
No don't stop a rockin'!

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The Return of El Pedro-drug abuse ensuesHey hey everyone once again, Im back on the site again after a long disappearing act. Just been working *sigh retail is evil, do you're part and kill one customer thanks d:* and finishing up college and working towards university this fall hoooppppeeefffullllyyy. I also go xbox 360! Wooo achievements are electronic crack! it doesn't make sense why there so additive but they are *hugs achievement points* and HA to Jaspreet, my score is already higher than yours! (not sure if thats a good thing). But yeah thats pretty much what I have been upto sadly. Now I will get through my watchlist and murder it as I catch up on whats been happening.

CIAO guys
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Name Peter
Occupation Student at college doing elec eng tech
Birthday December 23rd, 1985
Interests stealing street signs 4v4 halo (bitching!... if u go to a uni in ontario and have a team of 4 msg me if you want to challenge me and my team) pc gaming working on my comp biking literally everywhere cooking cause buying food from fast food places sucks drinking *burp* making beer chains (think chains that ppl use that go from their wallet to pants but made out of beer caps) biking family guy futurama mission hill.... rvb of course
Music Punk Rock Trance Jap music from Anime: sugarcult (mmmm sugar!) foo fighters red hot chili peppers (or willies) bad religion rancid blink 182 (their old stuff.. latest stuff is scary... peter no likey) sum 41 aquabats reel big fish planet smashers!!! the peacocks the next big thing (not to be mistaken with next best thing different bands)
Movies South Park! Canada kicks the USA's ass! thats hilarious...
TV Shows rvb family guy batman the animated series futurama american dad bromwell high delta state foster's home for imaginary friends venture bros beck (amazing rock anime)