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30 year-old male from the greatest state in the Union!

"We have twenty-five hundred men. They'll be coming in force ... they're be twenty thousand coming down that road in the mornin'. We can hold this ridge for a couple hours, we can keep them away. We can block that road while the main body gets here ... we can deprive the enemy of the high ground!"

I reward all who comment on my profile lol, cause I have no other real friends!
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Day of the RangerSaturday I will make a return to paintball combat. Two weeks ago, we had our first run of the season at home, and the outcome was so-so. I had one nice game of speedball <rolls eyes> where I took out most of the other team single-handedly, and managed to knock out the last guy with my last round :)

This weekend we head up to Hell, MI, to Hell's Survivor paintball park. Give them a little taste of the Great Black Swamp. Go Regulators :D.

Also, I should be getting a new computer here pretty soon. A friend of mine cut me a huge deal with nice parts, so after about $300 I should be sitting pretty for a long time with a nice machine.

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Name Ben
Occupation Freelancer; Lowe's CSA
Birthday November 5th, 1984
Interests Author of How to Take Over the Wold in Three Easy Steps Visual Communications example: video photography graphic design computers in general. The outdoors drawing real work and I love this country just not it's leaders. .
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