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25 year-old male from Cold Spring, KY
I currently work at Northern Kentucky University as a Technology Support Specialist II. Basically, I'm a 22 year old computer nerd. I build PC's for myself and friends as a secondary hobby. My primary hobby is playing video games and enjoying a nice cold glass of beer, and occasionally a great bourbon, either with friends at home or online. I play a wide variety of games, both PC and console. I have been home brewing for about 8 months now, and Its become a small passion of mine. Going to bars, games, parties (be it club or LAN), etc. with friends is my idea of a good time. Now, lets all drink and be merry!
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Stupid CarWell, my ABS has failed me. My rear brakes locked up on my while driving to work this morning. Luckily it happened in my apartment complex and I live right across the street from work, but still. I haven't the slightest clue on what to do about it. Worst part is I drive a minivan, so if I have to replace the rear brakes, those are drum brakes, and that is incredibly difficult (at least for me). It would happen the week I have to go to a bachelor party and a wedding shower.
And that was my rant for the day.
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