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24 year-old female from Los Angeles, CA
I love to play Halo and World of Warcraft. I also love to draw and cook! My cooking is great!
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Comic con '09So I was at Comic-Con on Thursday and Friday and it was freaking great! There were people everywhere all the timeand some places you couldn't even walk! At the Stars Wars Booth they had a large moniter hanging from the ceiling and they used it to show famous parts of the Star Wars Saga. They also showed a totally bitching trailer of their new animated movie coming out soon. It looked great. When I walked by the Adult Swim booth, they were doing autographs for the Mighty Boosh and Robot Chicken( Seth Green was there!). Then they were going to do The Venture Bros. later in the day. When I went by the Rooster teeth booth, they had two good sized screens in which they were airing some of their more loved PSA's. There was always a good-sized crowd around their booth. I'll tell you more about it later . Gotta go!
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