• Rivendell to Moria! - Episode 2

    A Simple Walk Into Mordor: Rivendell to Moria! - Episode 2

    In day two and three of their journey, the physical pain and exhaustion hit the travelers hard. And when they become lost in a forest, they must find their way out before nightfall when the temperature drops to freezing.

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Comments (192)

  • Redcoat142

    1 month ago

    I've just started watching this series after putting off for years. I wish I'd told my lazy arse to watch it sooner...

  • krazygoose Goose

    7 months ago


  • The_Lesser_Known_5th_Horseman Gentleman

    1 year ago

    Hey, no orcs to get in your way.

  • JessicuhC

    2 years ago

    One does not simply walk into Mordor.

  • MisterHats

    2 years ago

    I work in foodservice, and the midsection can get pretty nasty in a hot kitchen. Cornstarch stops swampass before it starts, and after.

  • noslemon

    2 years ago

    Omfg Kerry at the end there reminded me of how the people were acting in a Blaire Witch Project... damn that was an eerie feeling

  • ZzCasualty

    2 years ago

    thats so cool, but there was a person doing the same thing with a heavy ass camera

  • NukaDude

    2 years ago

    As hard as it looks and as much as they struggle through the hike, I would do this if I could afford the money for the trip there.

  • starwars846

    2 years ago

    so......where did they shoot the scenes for rohan?

  • W0lfDawn

    2 years ago

    Use Goldbond!!!

  • YeahTardis

    2 years ago

    Considering I can see Mt Doom from my bedroom window, this is really entertaining for me. XD

  • Clarkemenson

    2 years ago

    haha, the couples reaction to them walking to Mordor. hahaha

  • LechmanWong

    3 years ago

    where the hell did u guys get the lembas bread

  • MrMajiggles

    3 years ago

    Kerry had a fitbit! I lost mine. $100 down the drain. :(

  • MisterElijah Mister Elijah

    3 years ago

    He watched him put on the oitment

  • Damolicious

    3 years ago

    I approve of this, both as a LOTR fanboy, and a Kiwi

  • MisterBobGuy

    3 years ago

    I'm sorry, but those guys never really did much OUTSIDE before this, did they?

  • Genb2000

    3 years ago

    One does simply walk into Mordor.

  • RiceRiceBaby

    3 years ago

    This show makes me miss hiking. The pain is part of the journey, and makes it that much more satisfying when you finish.

    Also, Nick is hot.

  • ZeroCharisma

    3 years ago

    Their guide (Nick I believe is his name?) reminds me of Legolas just not blonde and without a bow and arrows lol.

  • JesterC88

    3 years ago

    Well, now we all have an idea of what it would look like if we saw Kerry jacking it. Side note: I have the same camera bag as Kerry. It's awesome.

  • CampbellBrit

    3 years ago

    it's weird seeing guys from RT in my country. with the guy from NZ talking to Kerry and Chris i relise how different the US accent is to mine. also i cant believe i didn't see u guys, u practicly walked through my back yard( or paddock in this case)

  • RileyStanwoo

    3 years ago

    On the bright side there getting a lot of exercise so then they can eat a bunch of junk food when they get home

  • PilarFarfan

    3 years ago

    I don't know why, but every time they mentioned Kerry's chafing, I'd get all grossed out and squirmy.

  • banj0

    3 years ago

    A simple walk from Sydney to Perth.

  • BlueMungo

    3 years ago

    Come to Australia. NT. You'd melt just getting off the plane

  • 07kattho

    3 years ago

    One does not simply walk into Mordor. No they drive, much faster. Just four hours or so from me.

    It is really weird to see you guys wandering around my country though lol :D

  • cubouse

    3 years ago

    I love to see people tramping in the NZ bush without any experience they finding out its a complete Bi*ch to actually do if your not really good and completely prepared.

  • goodchaos

    3 years ago

    I love camping but this should teach everyone..

    One does not simply walk into Mordor. er.. I mean.. never mind.. >_>

  • Shawe123

    3 years ago

    Can't believe this hasn't been thought of before now.

  • mcdrunkin

    3 years ago

    Really kind of digging this show more than I thought would. C'mon number 3!

  • SpiderChief

    3 years ago

    I don't know about you guys but I am extremely uncomfortable when I'm in a woods at night so kudos to those guys. Especially when it is cold.

  • thegman4ever

    3 years ago

    Who are these clowns?

  • TentSessions

    3 years ago

    This is an awesome idea for a series and its turning out to be exactly what I hoped for. No one realizes how difficult hiking is until they get out and try it, wanting to kill themselves the entire time for agreeing to do it. I'm hiking the Appalachian Trail next March and now want to think of a story line to put to my trip to document. Cannot wait for episode 3!

  • tehb

    3 years ago

    I hope this series is a lesson to everyone who has never gone on a long hiking/camping trip before. This is some good stuff.

  • Drksage

    3 years ago

    Even the hobbits got a short cut to elven city. They're having such a hard time I can't even enjoy the shodenfreude of it all.

  • IToastieI

    3 years ago

    1.15 Is the greatest thing ever.hilariously awkward.

  • jaydown

    3 years ago

    I feel bad for them but I can't say this isn't the best thing ive watched

  • nickcruz58

    3 years ago

    wow its gettin serious

  • HeyItsChazm HeyItsChazm

    3 years ago

    I feel so sorry for these guys... But i do admire their strength to push through and carry on despite the pain!

  • LocalGravy

    3 years ago

    Walking through the woods in the dark... Didn't they watch Deliverance?

  • Ax3lface

    3 years ago

    I wonder if there will be an episode where Chris DOESN'T chase animals.

  • JonFelsheim

    3 years ago

    I think this is becoming my favorite thing on the internet

  • paulpridham7

    3 years ago

    it wasn't Rivendell that was RVendell smiley0.gif (Pulls Barbara's Pun Face) haha I'm here all week!

  • CO7E TheRailz

    3 years ago

    Loving the series, even if it is at their expense. But way to be troopers, guys!

  • ZPligge Pliggles

    3 years ago

    I'm absolutely loving this series. Very fun to watch!

  • AJSpartan

    3 years ago

    It's really fun to watch, but as a backpacker I have to say this was really poorly planned.

  • DerekT claw machine god

    3 years ago

    now the walk gets more serious

  • SureNick

    3 years ago

    I love Nick. He acts like Boromir/Aragorn always pushing the hobbits to go further. His hair adds to that.

  • BloodHawk97

    3 years ago

    That's some scary stuff right there at the end. But awesome first two episodes.