• Blisters & Balrogs! - Episode 3

    A Simple Walk: Blisters & Balrogs! - Episode 3

    On the third part of their journey, the hobbits suffer through ever worsening blisters, dodge cars, and take on a 70km stretch of highway.

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Comments (149)

  • FireAce136


    1 year ago

    How much did someone have to pay these two?

  • Devistator23


    1 year ago

    they broke the law for this shit, if that isnt dedication, idk what is

  • deg95


    1 year ago


  • Mylissa


    1 year ago

    Part of me really wants to make the trek, so every time I watch these videos I make of mental note of things to remember in order to make it a little easier. Such as not trying to make the walk in a week.

  • Bman


    1 year ago

    Watching this again, still holds up lol

  • W0lfDawn


    2 years ago

    I can't help but get the question: Could I push myself to do this?

  • xtreemkiwi


    2 years ago

    i am going to do this someday.

  • Pikablu


    2 years ago

    My balls have receded back into my body.

  • merenos


    2 years ago

    I need to do this now, this is the ultimate geek tribute and workout!

  • NewBestBud


    2 years ago

    on this exact day i was eating ramen noodles in the mountains thinking "holy crap its thanksgiving... i need moar noodles!!!"