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Comments (481)

  • AHliam


    8 months ago

    love immersion <3

  • rogueleader3


    1 year ago

    I forgot that it was Geoff and Gus who did this, which is friggin awesome.

  • RedRobin96


    1 year ago

    I agree that a person with no formal training can't just pick up a gun and start scoring headshots, but in a life or death situation such as a zombie outbreak adrenaline can do amazing things to someones focus and aiming capabilities. An untrained person might miss the first few times but even they would eventually get the hang of it.

  • DerpyHybrid


    1 year ago

    I don't know about the L4D2 characters but the first game's characters all head weapon training of some kind Zoey was taught by her dad who was a cop, Louis went to the shooting range, Francis was in a gang, and Bill was a soldier.

  • stablepaddock


    1 year ago

    Griffon was so flippin cool.

  • DorkyDino


    1 year ago

    This looks like so much fun!

  • StryfeRyder


    1 year ago

    I miss immersion :/

  • ThatWasTop


    1 year ago

    geoff is a badass!

  • danbonrp


    2 years ago

    joining any part of the army. evan some1 who fixes crap still has to go through training

  • RagdyBoneMan


    2 years ago

    @deathman219 Yes he was an army photographer