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Comments (133)

  • kamimatsu


    1 month ago

    So where is the video?

  • Queenagentnewtexy


    9 months ago

    boys and their guns..........but I guess boys will be boys after all.

  • yozee


    1 year ago

    psa number 1 is down

  • TheBigBeans


    3 years ago

    cock bite is actually how roosterteeth got its name

  • johnnycajxrt


    3 years ago

    I don't stockpile VX Nerve Gas... i stockpile nukes smiley0.gif

  • Shuma_Renzhe


    3 years ago

    um... I don't stockpile nerve gas in my shed behind my house..."gulp".

  • Shuma_Renzhe


    3 years ago

    W.M.D. translation ... World Master Dick lol jk

  • FrankNico


    4 years ago

    Blasphemy! Violence is always the answer

  • AgentHunter


    4 years ago

    Violence is never the answer? Fuck that....:LOL

  • AgentHunter


    4 years ago

    Weapons of Mass Destruction are no laughing matter, (sniper shot. BANG!) SON OF A BITCH!