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  • 10 Year Retrospective

    Red vs. Blue: 10 Year Retrospective

    The original cast of Red vs. Blue reflects back on the last 10 years of the show. You can find this and more behind the scenes videos on the 10 year box set "Red vs. Blue Behind the Scenes" DVD.

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Comments (1023)

  • Dracognia94

    11 months ago

    The music playing in the background during most of this clip, the same that is playing in S10E12 "Out of mind"...
    I can't find it. Is that because I'm too lazy or because it isn't available anywhere. Would appreciate some help, because it's a great track ("Duh, it's featured in Red vs. Blue, of course it's great...") and I'd love to hear it as a single track :)

  • SiegeJane

    1 year ago

    I wish I found out about Roosterteeth earlier. I envy the people who had been with them for so long and was able to watch them grow. I wish I had been along for that ride. But nonetheless, I know that they will continue to grow and I am here right now and I won't miss the chance of being here for them to support and watch their every rise and downfall. I wish I could do more because I know they've done a lot for their community and personally, they did a lot for me just by being this fun and loving company. They helped me get through 2014 which was a very difficult year and I'm extremely grateful for that.
    Looking forward to more Roosterteeth.

  • Torin830

    1 year ago

    I don't know why but this video makes me cry over and over and over again.
    More or less cause these awesome people have given me hope and more (No offence) enjoyment to my life then I could ever have imagined, even in my most down moments these guys have brought the most happiness to my life, more so then any guy or girl on this planet, I don't know where I'd be without you guys,
    You're the best and you're living the life most of us dream for, a Fun time just with friends, no matter how much shit you guys put on each other, you take a moment to think about where you guys are, it all started with just Burnie, Gus, Joel Geoff and not the least Kathleen and maybe someone else who I did not mention (Cause at this point I'm off my face and crying)

    Thank you so much for being a part of my life whether it be Red Verse Blue, Things to do in, Immersion, RWBY, Let's Play, Rage Quit,A Simple walk To Mordor (which is on my bucket list BTW) Nature town and all the heaps of other series you've created , I seek to become what you guys have become, while not as much to be the rise of videos on the internet, to at least become popular and acknowledged in the world all around
    With a Drunk but more then steady hand (Fuck you guys)
    Mathias Torin (legally "Hand") Kristensen
    I will achieve what I want to be regardless the difficulties :)
    0 seconds ago

  • GeoffVader

    1 year ago

    I come so close to crying every time I hear Geoff's last words, he says he doesn't want to get sappy and says the absolute sappiest thing out of all of them. People who question the strength of the friendship that these guys have need to be directed to this video to hear him speak. It's a rare moment that Geoff actually takes to explain how he truly feels, and it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

  • BlueChurch27

    1 year ago

    I think I'm going to cry...

  • GregVeilleux

    1 year ago

    i remeber when i started watching this. i was eight and now im an adult living on my own i still am in love with RVB and i dont see myself stopping anytime soon

  • Hellspawn15

    1 year ago

    roosterteeth, i hope you guys live well and never stop doing what you love. as well as being the most connected and hilarious concept


  • SavageShark

    1 year ago

    I remember back when you guys first started. A friend of mine in college showed me the episode where Church died from the tank. After that I was hooked on the series.
    I loved watching the comical antics of the Blood Gulch teams and loved playing the map with friends.

    You guys have made something truly momentous and memorable with Red vs Blue. I can't express my admiration and joy enough for the work you guys have put into your shows, characters and writing. I'll always remember the time I spent at RTX with my cousin.

  • Tribyte1

    1 year ago

    I know i'm probably gonna get some crap for saying this, but here I go. To me whenever i see videos like this that show a memory slide show at the end, it makes me feel that there's more to this universe than just this one life we live. Because I want to be able to see my friends and family after I die and I want them to be able to see me. I know this doesnt make sense, this being a Rooster Teeth website and all, but I just sharing my feelings about the video, mainly the thing about Burnie's mom.

  • Paschism

    1 year ago

    Alright, seeing this only makes me want to work with them even more than I already did.

  • JaredGibson

    2 years ago

    Alright, who cut the onion?!

  • xRUGGEDx *Insert Title Here*

    2 years ago

    I can't wait to watch the 20 year Retrospective!

  • alpha41

    2 years ago

    So proud of them!

  • RKezizz The Worst Sponsor

    2 years ago

    I think I have something in my eye.....

  • cheatachu7

    2 years ago

    i wish i could work with them too that would be amazing. hope they made a photo album of all their good times together. hell i'd love to put that together.

  • Charger12345

    2 years ago

    You know they all have such a good life I wish I could work with them 1 day

  • SirBrandonIg

    2 years ago

    It's the videos like this that make me slightly jealous of their lives within the company. Maybe not their lives in general, but just having their type of work, and friends. It'd be awesome.

  • Devilock

    2 years ago

    I come back and watch this video every now and then, I really love it, a lot of emotion in it.

  • Daks Jersey Devil

    2 years ago

    I was 12 when I started watching red What I love is that it matured and grew with much of it's fan base. It has such staying power.
    For those who want to work with or like those at Roosterteeth, put in the time and effort and talent. These guys look like they goof off all day but they work so hard.

  • dreamcass

    2 years ago

    Burnie: What would I say to myself from ten years ago? You don't need to pay your friends so much.

    That is so Church right there.

  • SpartanD419

    2 years ago

    I was so damn young when I started watching RvsB it was during season 2 I think.

  • bellino

    2 years ago

    I remember first finding Roosterteeth. RvB was still in Halo 2. I cant even remember life before that. Somehow, a bunch of guys making an internet show affects me more than anything else in my life. Every week i get multiple times of happiness that makes me feel amazing. Heres to 10 more years!

  • Turdy1

    2 years ago

    In my eyes, Rooster Teeth will always be more than a company, and this video is proof of why.

  • JohnConner

    2 years ago

    God, i get teary-eyed every time i watch this video. I remember the VERY first time i was exposed to Red vs Blue. Me and my buddy were playing Goldeneye 64, and he goes to his PC to show me this video he said was made using Halo. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    As i told each and every staff member at RTX 2013, Rooster Teeth has been the source of more laughs, joy, friendships made, friendships strengthened, and memories than ANYTHING else in my life. And this video perfectly encapsulates the amount of sheer fun we ALL have had over the last decade.

    *Raises cup* This one is for you, Burnie, Gus, Geoff, Joel, Dan, Matt, Kathleen, Jason, and every single other staff member at Rooster Teeth Productions.

  • darkshot69

    2 years ago

    I still remember coming across red vs blue as a nine year old and showing all my friends. You guys sparked my love of halo. It's been my favourite game since as long as I've owned an xbox now. I've been watching since season one! You guys are awesome!

  • Colefrick

    2 years ago

    I remember my dad showing me Rooster Teeth when i was 6 and now 10 years later (I am 16 now) i am still watching :D

  • Arseni999

    2 years ago

    This is an amazing vid, real inspiring, and just a feel good video in general. Its great to see that they made a life for themselves that they love. Its really inspiring to see how normal people can do something like this and become so famous off a simple idea.
    I think I might just have to follow in their footsteps with a couple of my friends, its always worth a try! If not, at least I can say they were n my life at some point.

  • NpT

    2 years ago

    [color=]This is so inspiring to see how much their lives have changed off of one decision they made ten years ago! Good luck in the future guys!

  • GoatLover

    2 years ago

    I honestly got into Roosterteeth and Red vs Blue fairly late, so I can definitely remember a time where I didn't have them in my life...but I can't for the life of me remember what I would've done all day; starting and ending the day with anything Roosterteeth is amazing and I can't imagine going without it now that I have them

  • Outlaw80401

    2 years ago

    Its funny to think I can remember trying to download videos from the first season. But because we were dirt freaking poor I had to either go to my friends house (The only one of us who had high speed internet) or start the download over 56k, get up make coffee, go get the mail, work for a few hours, then for lunch come back and watch that weeks episode. There was one point I believe during about season 3 where we were deployed overseas. At that time the military had not set up all the high speed internet connections that they have now so I had buddies back here who would download the episodes and send them to us about twice a month so we could keep up. No matter what was happening when those videos showed up everyone dropped whatever they were doing and we all gathered around my laptop for 5 quick minuets to laugh our asses off. It was something for us to look forward to and without it our sanity may not have held. Thank you Rooster Teeth, and here is to 10 more years!!!!

  • AlexSpeckman Kerbal Gunner

    2 years ago

    God, it seems like only yesterday when I stumbled upon Jacks MK vs DC fatality videos and got hooked on RT ever since. Here's to 10 years of Hilarity and Hi-jinks, and hopefully 10 more! smiley0.gif

  • MrRanger

    2 years ago

    I can't remember a time without Rooster Teeth in my life. They've been in my life since I was 6 or so, and have been, basically, the backbone of my existence (for better or for worse, which means I'm a sort of social experiment raising a kid with Rooster Teeth and seeing what happens!) and have helped me through so much. I'd just like to say, thank you for everything!

  • SpecOp2270

    2 years ago

    That's wow 10 years holy crap but this is a touching video it really is I remember Red vs Blue got me through hurricane Sandy when my cousion died this is what bought the smile back to my face. Every time i see this i thank these guys b/c if it wasn't for them i might of killed myself over my cousion. So Thank You Rooster Teeth!

  • Tristan T-Booty

    2 years ago

    The bit where Burnie was talking about his mum dying... All the feels bro, all the feels

  • KLivsey

    2 years ago

    Awesome thy name is Rooster Teeth

  • SeanMcCormic

    2 years ago

    I'm watching this for the second time now it's all the more awesome. This channel is just the greatest.

  • FireSTORM5

    2 years ago

    has it been 10 years already the entertainment is so good i didn't even notice

  • JaredGibson

    2 years ago

    Started from the bottom now were here!

  • JoseNicasio

    2 years ago

    no matter what happened you guys have made the last three years of my life happy :) dont ever stop

  • JoeyNelson1

    2 years ago

    I remember the first time I saw or even had heard of rooster teeth. It was about six or so years ago I as 8 at the time and I... I remember thinking well i might as well search up these guys that people were always talking about at school. So I did and after watching this video I think (with a tear in my eye) I wouldn't have this personality, that I wouldn't be me if it weren't for he people in this video I know one day I'm going to get to meet one of these amazing people that have influenced so many people includeing me. And I know when that happens I'm gonna cry and I'm gonna love those sweet tears. Cheers guys to ten years of making people happy. :D

  • KartikMathur

    2 years ago

    i <3 you guys !! keep on achieving

  • TylerAbram

    2 years ago

    these guys.. started good entertainment.

  • Preditor117

    2 years ago

    You know, when an internet based group like this says "thank you guys! Couldn't have done it without you!" you really do feel it a lot more appreciated and loved than other forms of entertainers, because they mean so much more literally. I mean, they are able to do what they do for a living because we watch their content on a regular basis. And you know what, you have to be pretty good at what you do to last 10 years in the internet. Not a lot of website can say they have they accomplishment under their belts.

  • Tyger_Lugia

    2 years ago

    Dude this made me cry

  • monkeybean13 Wise Guy

    2 years ago

    On my fourth time watching, this is possibly, to me, one of the most inspirational videos ever made. My idols talking about their life and how thankful they are for it just makes me want to have a life that's even half as good as theirs.

  • KnightXavier

    2 years ago

    I WANT this song!

  • CaptainAchievement Hero

    2 years ago

    This is probably one of my favorite videos on the site. I honestly think that it was what first made me want to work at RT (now its one of my biggest goals in life). Don't mean to get too cheesy here. This video was like an epiphany moment for me where I just think "yes, those are exactly the good experiences I want out of life; great friends like that and working at something you love". Am I the only one that had that reaction?

  • fnarfle2

    2 years ago

    i can't get over going through the butt at the end.....

  • KLEthan

    2 years ago

    This video is amazing. Makes me proud to be a fan of the best channel on Youtube

  • CptCalum

    2 years ago

    This is such a nice video.