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Comments (1029)

  • Dracognia94


    4 months ago

    The music playing in the background during most of this clip, the same that is playing in S10E12 "Out of mind"...
    I can't find it. Is that because I'm too lazy or because it isn't available anywhere. Would appreciate some help, because it's a great track ("Duh, it's featured in Red vs. Blue, of course it's great...") and I'd love to hear it as a single track :)

  • SiegeJane


    6 months ago

    I wish I found out about Roosterteeth earlier. I envy the people who had been with them for so long and was able to watch them grow. I wish I had been along for that ride. But nonetheless, I know that they will continue to grow and I am here right now and I won't miss the chance of being here for them to support and watch their every rise and downfall. I wish I could do more because I know they've done a lot for their community and personally, they did a lot for me just by being this fun and loving company. They helped me get through 2014 which was a very difficult year and I'm extremely grateful for that.
    Looking forward to more Roosterteeth.

  • Torin830


    10 months ago

    I don't know why but this video makes me cry over and over and over again.
    More or less cause these awesome people have given me hope and more (No offence) enjoyment to my life then I could ever have imagined, even in my most down moments these guys have brought the most happiness to my life, more so then any guy or girl on this planet, I don't know where I'd be without you guys,
    You're the best and you're living the life most of us dream for, a Fun time just with friends, no matter how much shit you guys put on each other, you take a moment to think about where you guys are, it all started with just Burnie, Gus, Joel Geoff and not the least Kathleen and maybe someone else who I did not mention (Cause at this point I'm off my face and crying)

    Thank you so much for being a part of my life whether it be Red Verse Blue, Things to do in, Immersion, RWBY, Let's Play, Rage Quit,A Simple walk To Mordor (which is on my bucket list BTW) Nature town and all the heaps of other series you've created , I seek to become what you guys have become, while not as much to be the rise of videos on the internet, to at least become popular and acknowledged in the world all around
    With a Drunk but more then steady hand (Fuck you guys)
    Mathias Torin (legally "Hand") Kristensen
    I will achieve what I want to be regardless the difficulties :)
    0 seconds ago

  • GeoffVader


    1 year ago

    I come so close to crying every time I hear Geoff's last words, he says he doesn't want to get sappy and says the absolute sappiest thing out of all of them. People who question the strength of the friendship that these guys have need to be directed to this video to hear him speak. It's a rare moment that Geoff actually takes to explain how he truly feels, and it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

  • BlueChurch27


    1 year ago

    I think I'm going to cry...

  • GregVeilleux


    1 year ago

    i remeber when i started watching this. i was eight and now im an adult living on my own i still am in love with RVB and i dont see myself stopping anytime soon

  • Hellspawn15


    1 year ago

    roosterteeth, i hope you guys live well and never stop doing what you love. as well as being the most connected and hilarious concept


  • SavageShark


    1 year ago

    I remember back when you guys first started. A friend of mine in college showed me the episode where Church died from the tank. After that I was hooked on the series.
    I loved watching the comical antics of the Blood Gulch teams and loved playing the map with friends.

    You guys have made something truly momentous and memorable with Red vs Blue. I can't express my admiration and joy enough for the work you guys have put into your shows, characters and writing. I'll always remember the time I spent at RTX with my cousin.

  • Tribyte1


    1 year ago

    I know i'm probably gonna get some crap for saying this, but here I go. To me whenever i see videos like this that show a memory slide show at the end, it makes me feel that there's more to this universe than just this one life we live. Because I want to be able to see my friends and family after I die and I want them to be able to see me. I know this doesnt make sense, this being a Rooster Teeth website and all, but I just sharing my feelings about the video, mainly the thing about Burnie's mom.

  • Paschism


    1 year ago

    Alright, seeing this only makes me want to work with them even more than I already did.