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  • Behind the Scenes

    Red vs. Blue: Behind the Scenes

    From the Bonus Disc included with Season 10 Blu-Ray and the RvBX Box Sets!

    Bonus disc also includes:

    *Interviews with Nico, Martha Marin, Jeff Williams, and Lamar Hall *10 Year Retrospective on Rooster Teeth by the Original Cast *"How Did We Get Here" Story of Rooster Teeth *Famous Faces in RvB *Conventions *From Fan to Staff *The Evolution of the Story of Red vs. Blue

    *Season 10: - Behind the Visual Effects - Storyboard to Screen - Live Action Alison - RvB Table Read - Deleted Scenes - Animated Outtakes

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Comments (252)

  • SarahBlack

    1 year ago

    Joel is amazing.

  • astralTYRANT

    2 years ago

    Watching this leaves me just awed at how much effort was put into this season - and the rest of 'em, for that matter. Thank you so much for releasing this! You guys looked like you had so much fun doing this.

  • SJFman

    2 years ago

    Man I wish they would release the raw of this somehow

  • Syphan

    2 years ago

    Was that the Metas sniper? or church

  • ZacharyJr

    2 years ago

    I really like this kind of thing, i've heard its all on the box sets but they're still quite expensive and shipping to the UK is just a hassle :(

  • haribo

    2 years ago

    It would be awesome to see more of this, I love it :P

  • thegong

    2 years ago

    Officer Tucker?

  • SpecOp2270

    2 years ago

    to Burnie in his last statement:
    Season 10 was great you said in the last scene of the table read you wanted it to be as awesome as possible but now my question is how are you guys going to top that in season 11?

  • AndrewWalters lvl 20

    2 years ago

    Because Jason, thats why.

  • JohnyBelcastro Cock Bite

    2 years ago

    Why does Jason have a molestache?

  • Gamer3x1x4

    2 years ago

    I love rooster teeth because I have had shiniest days before and as soon as I finish a video it two, I literally cannot stop laughing and seeing videos like this just make me so warm and fuzzy inside like "how is it these absolutely diverse group of people can have such a close knit family" I love nothing more than seeing the most amazing people in the Internet entertainment industry sit down with each other and just have a good time doing it...rooster teeth is the best thing I have have ever seen and it continually raises the bar and kicks ass while doing it

  • Ikillyou90

    2 years ago

    Jasons rockin the "My Name is Earl" stache

  • SimpleNSweet

    2 years ago

    "Oh Haaai Yooork" I literally couldn't function after that xDDD


    2 years ago

    How do these people literally shit gold?

  • CplAndrews

    3 years ago

    How... Interesting...

  • UltimaJenko

    3 years ago

    I loved hearing Caboose's voice, was really funny. :P

  • Hypnxtize

    3 years ago

    I want the full table read!

  • CatTheLord

    3 years ago

    lol The guy who plays tucker had Wyoming's stash when they read.

  • Daniel101

    3 years ago

    Red vs blue, you'll be missed :(

  • FinnRooney

    3 years ago

    Corey Day looks like the director. 0_o

  • JustinGeorg2

    3 years ago

    Wow...idk what the chances are of the actors actually reading these comments on this...but dang...watching this seriously had me build such a connection with Agent Carolina & Agent Texas that when I saw Tex get stabbed by Meta(Maine) or Church saying "I forget you"...or Church talking to the robot "Tex" I cried...When I saw the emotions behind Carolina when they had the chance to kill the director or when Church pulled out the journal logs...I cried. I seriously hope there is somewhere in the future a friendship between those two (Texas & Carolina) even if Allison really isn't alive I would cry again... >.<

  • michaelcycle

    3 years ago

    You guys should really consider making an animated Halo movie. Just, maybe in a few future seasons drop RvB and go full out on an actual Halo movie. That would be dope!

  • patm1995

    3 years ago

    im amaze to see where Red Vs Blue has become big it begun with Burnie , Geoff , Gus , Matt and Joel and now they are now at +30 members Congratulation! you earn it

  • JohnathanFly

    3 years ago

    is the full table read on the bonus disc

  • Gigabyter

    3 years ago

    It hasnt ended!

  • TheTony1115

    3 years ago

    It's all over, this is where it ends! I'm so sad..

  • Tagro1

    3 years ago

    I've yet to see this in RVBX. I'm watching all the seasons in order and the bonus features. I'm barely on season 5 after about 10 hours.

  • ElishaCanady

    3 years ago

    Monty, "This season especially we have a crap ton more action than was anticipated."

    Translation, "Holy fukin shit....they have me doing so much animation and shit...I...I...I haven't slept...since....since....since we started...HOLY FUCKIN BAHLS."

  • MaxRT

    3 years ago

    @redvsblue53, Im sorry but it just doesn't work like that, you cant just ask to be in Red vs Blue or AH Lets plays. Theres about 50,000 people who have been a fan of RvB, Roosterteeth and AH for years like me and want to work for the company. All I would want Is maybe edit some of there videos for them or help with the animation in RvB, that would be my dream job.

  • Calias

    3 years ago

    I wish we could listen to the FULL table reads for season 10

  • THEMonFron

    3 years ago


    Check out this site:

  • Slay3rmaster

    3 years ago

    Interesting table read

  • thrawn92

    3 years ago

    I agree with brook_33. There is barely any stuff about Elijah Wood, like how did he get hired by Roosterteeth to do Sigma, and what does he think of all of this?

  • brook_33

    3 years ago

    No Elijah at the table read?

  • clixking23

    3 years ago

    I would love to know Roosterteeth's revenue stream...

  • CaymanT

    3 years ago

    I really want them to talk about the SPERTZ program (podcast reference)

  • SKYKID96

    3 years ago

    hey are them going to make a season 11 red i really hope they do .

  • Jak22

    3 years ago

    I know where to get season 10 of Red vs Blue OTHER than the RT store. I never would've thought it til I saw it, but CHECK OUT THE CLOSEST WAL-MART

  • Dem6nninja

    3 years ago

    Thankyou RoosterTeeth, for ten Amazing seasons of RVB! smiley0.gif

  • ElayneSchroe

    3 years ago

    Why do I get the feeling (I havent watched season 10 yet so idk but) that Church and Tex are never gonna take there helmets off not even mentioning the others....

  • Killuee

    3 years ago

    Why is Gavin Free mentioned, and not Geoff Ramsey? What exactly did Gavin do to receive special thanks?

  • Vanni951

    3 years ago

    Can anyone tell me the rap song's name that starts at season 10 ep 1 before and during the RVB title and it was also at the end of ep 22 at the credits if u can give me the name of it I would appreciate it thank u.

  • britishace

    3 years ago

    Rip Captin flowers even thoug u got killed by church trying to save you from dieing I remember all episodes ahh memories since halo 1

  • Diggs13

    3 years ago

    Does anybody else really want the audio from the table read to be released?


    3 years ago

    does anyone know when the season 10 soundtrack is coming out? DYING to know. please message me if you know. thanks

  • TBurback

    3 years ago

    Does anyone know why it takes 3 minutes for the video to load for me?

  • PaulBinHunte

    3 years ago


  • PaulBinHunte

    3 years ago

    make season 11

  • Mack222n

    3 years ago

    Looking for voice actors for a series I am making! anyone is legible. Email, skype, message or x box live me for more information. My email is [email protected] and my skype/xbox live is mack222n. I'd love the help. Special need for female actors

  • Talvanor

    3 years ago

    AmberDomenic, Dan, who voiced Donut was in one of the photo booth shots with the rest of red team and Doc is voiced by Matt.They also have remastered the first seasons.