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Comments (302)

  • SwedishX25

    SwedishX25 Who am I?

    6 months ago

    With how much time Ryan spends with Achievement Hunter now, it's really easy to forget that this is what he was better known for.

    That and working with PCs.

  • Freelancer51


    1 year ago

    At 11:30, you ok there Wash? York, uh need some help??

  • Mystavis


    1 year ago

    Man, that's amazing.

  • KGignition92


    1 year ago

    Wishing they had talked to Ryan.

  • CaptainFaget


    1 year ago

    Comment below me is fake.
    Never died once.
    Admins, please for the love of god start banning these asshats spamming.

  • FallOutKaty


    2 years ago

    This is amazing, it's really interesting to see how much work there is behind Red vs. Blue and it's so impressive I think.

  • Minibull


    2 years ago

    fish tank with male fighter fish in it, at 10:12 next to computer

  • RoyBadua


    2 years ago

    Hey, Im a big RvB fan and im fascinated and very interested in doing computer animation for a future job. Like, i wanna be part of a team that works on a big animated project. Whether im working on a animated movie, show, or video game, I wanna be part of it!! I dont know much about anything in this area like the many important different jobs it takes to make something like this. Im starting college next year, can anyone inform me with all the right steps to take to follow in this career path?

  • sargar


    2 years ago

    what program did they use to make this?

  • al013


    2 years ago

    Things like this are truly inspiring and i can only hope to one day be involved with something like this and do nothing but have a great day with all of my idiot friends.