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Comments (1079)

  • TeraBum


    9 months ago

    One of my favorite episode ending. Perfect use of Carolina in the morning. It makes me kind of sad.

  • BeristainBro


    1 year ago

    Two things: One, Carolina is now riding church which is going to be interesting, Second, i love that York has a t shirt that says "Property of Grif Ball"

  • Fellhawkslc


    1 year ago

    This was the only song out of the ones used this season during the cg parts that I enjoyed. Real music, not just talking in rhyme.

  • MatthewDurde


    2 years ago

    2:30-2:35 best song XD

  • Blodhgarm92


    2 years ago

    This segment of Project Freelancer always gets to me. The song fits so well with the scene that sometimes I find myself getting a little emotional over it. Great work RT.

  • Augustow09


    2 years ago

    "I just wish that Grif was deaaaaad........

  • SpicyRadish


    2 years ago

    Props to Miles

  • jciboy


    2 years ago

    is theta the emotion stress fear or scardy-catness

  • CristianPabl


    2 years ago

    "I guess we all could use some rest..."

  • leonhart03


    2 years ago

    Okay, total speculation here, but I'm guessing that Texas (the real life one, not the AI shadow) died in a pelican was struck by lightning and it crashed. With how many times they lumped the two together in this episode (like talking about the statistics, their AIs' anxieties, etc), I really think they were hinting at something...