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Comments (2267)

  • TRay13


    4 months ago

    how big is this Frigate

  • SilverDust


    5 months ago

    So thats how Carolina survived!! if you look closely at her left hand while she falls off the cliff you can see she was holding a grappling gun!

  • IzzyRigby


    9 months ago

    Not trying to spoil anything, but knowing about season 12, the counsellors comment about following protocol really stuck with me

  • Jeebus23


    9 months ago

    To this day, this is still one of if not the best RvB episode ever. The action was awesome, the music was great, and I still cant get over that moment with Carolina and York..

  • lukealex23


    9 months ago

    ...Carolina you should of gone with York...

  • 35781222


    10 months ago

    wow i cant believe how many soldiers tex took out

  • TonytheGamer


    11 months ago

    Please excuse me while I go rock out to Fragments for hours on end.

  • Kettelino

    Kettelino Netflix Enthusiast

    11 months ago

    I don't know why but this episode made me cry... D:

  • hkqrackshot


    11 months ago

    How in the world did south kill north when he has a bubble shield?

  • DarkDucky


    1 year ago

    After watching the new episode (season 12), I can't help but notice how much emphasis the Counselor puts into "We must follow protocol." Sounds a lot like how Locus talks about "Control" and protocol.