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Comments (1791)

  • Dracognia94


    4 months ago

    Now that I'm re-watching this I really like how Carolina's landing at 4:32 echoes Tex landing after her fight with the red and blues in season 8. Another little nod to their special relationship...

  • Freelancer51


    1 year ago

    RIP Georgia. You were always peachy keen <3

  • MatthewZumbo


    1 year ago

    why is the black guy in the freelancer project have such a gay voice!!!? and why does his face piss me off so much??? i mean of all the videos that are hilarious and awesome, when i see the counselor it pisses me off so much

  • BoxedIdiot


    1 year ago

    More Smosh voice acting...

  • JimboYokimbo


    1 year ago

    Yep, definitely a Jeff Williams score.

  • lazycommit


    1 year ago

    Did anybody else see the piece of scrap 25-30 seconds in that says Kobayashi maru on it? i only noticed it because my video stopped to buffer on that frame.

  • Tucker108414


    1 year ago

    You actually see a lot more wile watching the series again

  • slpmjb0921


    1 year ago

    Who doesn't love a good anti gravity battle?

  • legolotrbf3


    1 year ago

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  • iloveweiss


    1 year ago

    I take back what I said lol...why can't I delete it?