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Comments (2259)

  • tredecim


    5 months ago

    Goodbye Tex you will not be forgotten

  • Col-Sarge


    6 months ago

    One of my favourite episodes ever.... of all time...

  • Franklin413

    Franklin413 The Alchemist

    7 months ago

    The Tex-Epsilon scene is still one of the most powerful scenes in this series, it is truly the final goodbye between Church and Tex, and that relationship will never be beat.

  • PasvSmkng


    8 months ago

    Nine points, you dirty horse!

  • ZeoUnit


    8 months ago

    Caboose + angry = all take few steps back....
    I can totally see him get angry and just march on enemy's while bullets just bounce of him like nothing. xD
    You can say to him anything just don't say bad things to his hardware/software friends... or you are toast @.@

  • shadowstrlke


    10 months ago

    You would think that the Tex clones would be better at fighting

  • Bobaloobie


    10 months ago

    If she was doing that good against like 100 Texes, why can't she beat 1 Tex?

    • whydoyouwantmyname


      2 months ago

      these are fake robot texes texs texases? beside the point the real tex could've taken down everything in that room and the meta at once

  • boboy1420


    1 year ago

    and does anyone else see caboose running like crazy during the charge?!?!

  • boboy1420


    1 year ago

    does anyone know the name of the song when caboose starts fighting?

  • ESO_Gamer


    1 year ago

    NEEDS MICHEAL BAY, needs more explosions!