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Comments (1242)

  • MGQ13


    5 months ago

    I'm just as curious as Wash now. What happened to Georgia?

  • Mail256


    6 months ago

    The part with Grif and Simmons pulling up gave me an instant flash to Top Gear with Clarkson and May. So similar there.

  • CaptainQWO


    1 year ago

    I heard Ray in a Let's Play I forgot to pause, then once I paused it I came over to this again. Heard Ray speak and was like "I thought I paused that!".

  • ThePsycho388


    1 year ago

    Will there be RvB episode 20?

  • blacklite60


    1 year ago

    Okay....Serious what Happened to Georgia. You do not mention people...That had a messed up experience without explain it. That's just rude!!.

  • Ninetails06


    1 year ago

    Seriously WTF happened to Georgia!!!!

  • FractalHN


    1 year ago

    I just can't get enough of that orchestral remix of "Can't trust anybody now"

  • Elixaro


    2 years ago

    no seriously what the fuck happened to georgia

  • DrBobApple


    2 years ago

    Ray's début am I right?

  • MLP_SpangBab


    2 years ago

    Agent Wash is basically the Caboose of Project Freelance isn't he