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Comments (2548)

  • Sonima

    Sonima Walking Crazy

    2 months ago

    I love the recurring "You even wonder why we're here?"

  • Scorpion0100


    3 months ago

    I just realized at 5 minutes, North's hand is out of place, it's supposed to be on the handbar.

  • DocDalek


    9 months ago

    Why is this video private?

  • IceLaden


    1 year ago

    when i throw an iPad at some one i don't get a tactical maine falling form the sky.

  • BeristainBro


    1 year ago

    Did anyone see that souths assault rifle changed from a halo reach style to halo 3 styled assault rifle? Thats crazy!

  • NOKlA


    1 year ago

    Pilot: Dick move green guy
    Delta: I apolo...
    Pilot: Dick move...
    HAHAHAHAHA couldn't stop laughing

  • RichardPero


    1 year ago

    How the fuck did the get Ellen Gegeneres to play this part? These guys don't screw around man. lol

  • Krescentwolf


    1 year ago

    I friggin love 479er....

    She's my favorite 'freelancer' even though she ain't one.

  • ciarzard27


    1 year ago

    I like how wash acts like a blue when he's with project freelancer but is take charge when he's on blue team. Guess just cuz he sucks compared to freelancers but badass to blues

  • stablepaddock


    1 year ago

    Favorite part; When Wash calls everyone assholes for encouraging him to vomit in his helmet. Followed by Deltas analysis