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  • PSA: Voting Fever

    Red vs. Blue: PSA: Voting Fever

    What do you get when you combine Halo 4, GameStop, the Election, a musical number and Red vs. Blue? This very special PSA. Do your duty as an American and watch it now! Then go vote and play Halo 4! Visit http://www.gamestop.com/halo4 for more.

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Comments (404)

  • hatlessAZN


    1 year ago

    Ok, crazy conspiracy theory:

    This song is actually some insane foreshadowing of the current RvB season/plotline. When the backup singers are first revealed, Sarge says "I think you'll need a big strong Chorus, as in the planet Chorus. The singers have white armor, like the Federal Army, but their armor is shaped more like the New Republic's, suggesting the Reds and Blues will likely broker a peace between the two factions and set up some sort of convoluted democratic system. (lel)

    I know it isn't very likely, but if the producers have foreshadowed the entire current plot up to 2-3 seasons before it actually happens, all with an innocuous PSA disguised as a song, it would be absolutely GENIOUS.

  • theta88


    1 year ago

    Lol loved it

  • funkmon


    1 year ago

    Missed this when it came out, I just saw it on the DVD. Hilarious.

  • Jimdukhar


    2 years ago

    This is a perfect example of a "You Just Got Sarge'd" moment.

  • itsawabbit


    2 years ago


  • FreelncrGal


    2 years ago


  • Haloman12333


    2 years ago

    shout out to anyone who preordered halo 4

  • Haloman12333


    2 years ago

    i cant believe the ads to the right

  • RyDizzle


    2 years ago

    I can't believe Geoff Matt and Gus agreed too singing this

  • XGamerTacos


    2 years ago

    They Voted for Halo 4