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Comments (670)

  • LloydWalker


    3 months ago


  • kendreadful


    4 months ago

    "Oh holy shit, you're being serious"

  • Teridax1986


    5 months ago

    A little while ago I become twisted enough to be soothed by the singing of Dr. Grey while in the support of the chorus of the merc's screams. So sing Dr. Grey, sing.

  • EnderWho


    6 months ago

    I officially love Dr. Grey

  • Garlan3


    6 months ago

    I have the weirdest boner right now for a certain doctor.. and i'm alright with it

  • Aqua113


    7 months ago

    If O'Malley infected Dr. Grey, the universe would be doomed.

  • SplattrKing


    7 months ago

    Its official. I am in love with Dr. Grey.

  • NoirTitor


    7 months ago

    it pays to have a crazy doc with u

  • ZeoUnit


    8 months ago

    I think it would be insanely interesting if Emily(Doc) and Caboose become the pair.... image the possibility's...
    Caboose love for his Mechanical friends would go perfect for her to "study" for along time... i could just image the reaction when he " switch" because someone treated badly his cyber friends. :P
    On that note hope to see him go ballistic on someone again as in season 10 XD

  • Redgirl21


    8 months ago

    man I couldn't breath when i saw dr. gray's part it was so funny. x3 I love her she's cool but remind me not to get her mad ever. cause no