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Comments (296)

  • tolafoph


    6 days ago

    This is my first RvB video I ever saw and it made me look up the actual RvB series and made me a fan of rooster teeth. That was probably over 7 years ago.

  • robo94


    1 year ago

    Wow. not much has changed. How long ago did they make this?

  • Good13acon


    2 years ago

    Oh god The pixels the pixels! They burn!!!

  • Sigilius


    2 years ago

    You can put it in escrow! XD

  • Bro_Phist_69


    2 years ago

    she has enormous lips
    i dont even think any of the viewers besides me got that

  • Cole2999


    2 years ago

    I've been in quite a few of those political flame wars... Shit happens. Shit you can't unsee.
    Oh, and P.S., Donut lied. There is no such site as "presidentialsluts.com"

  • SimpleTwist


    2 years ago

    This one never gets old. smiley1.gif

  • propy05


    3 years ago

    Still my favorite PSA that RT has done.

  • DarkMataka


    3 years ago

    This is so true!

  • Chikitychain


    3 years ago

    This has not aged at all in relevance smiley13.gif