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Comments (13470)

  • coltoncaelin


    8 months ago

    So Sarge's turducken is done this year. I wonder if the guys thought they'd still be around today when they made that video. Pretty cool.

  • Cole2999


    8 months ago

    So wait... If they cooked those eggs... Would they be "coached eggs"?

  • Lynd


    1 year ago

    Yayyy! only one more year until its cooked

  • BenYates


    2 years ago

    Oh man, I wanted a turbine. Oh I can get the other one and carry on luggage.

  • Grifkilla456


    3 years ago

    start with a humming bird put that in a sparrow put that in a cornish hen then put that in a chicken put that in a duck then a turkey then a bigger turkey put that in a penguin shove that in a peacock then an eagle put it all in an alvatros(wtf) then an emu next an ostrich then a leapord put all that in a pterridactal(don't know about the spelling but go with it) then stuff it in a bowex 744 and you have what i call the greatest thanksgiving ever of all time

  • thomyknocker


    3 years ago

    How the hell would you eat one?

  • fffaux


    3 years ago

    Reminds me of Epic Meal Time...

  • KaizerXi


    3 years ago

    But what the fuck would you call it...?
    A Humspahenchikuckturturkpencockeagmustrictadactyl 737?http://s3.roosterteeth.com/assets/style/images/emoticons/smiley4.gif

  • Astarties


    4 years ago

    Best episode ever

  • AgentHunter


    4 years ago

    Love watching this