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Chapter 14

Red vs. Blue: Chapter 14

Wash and the Meta concoct an evil plan while Church and Tex try to sort out the past.

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Comments (242)

  • Perraith

    5 years ago

    "Footprints... In the desert."
    "Tree branches... in the desert."
    "Heat signatures... in the desert." - Wash

    What branch of the army did Doc serve in? Because it obviously never saw any action in a desert.

    "I know who you are, you're my girlfriend!" - Church
    "Well, that's probably the most underwhelming description of all time." - Tex

    Sounds like these two need to see a concilor. Doctor Love (Tucker) take house calls?

    "It's not so bad. I mean, I admit, sometimes it gets pretty hard. And I really don't know how to handle it." You walked into that one, Church.

  • SH0T

    5 years ago

    RvB Knitting Club:

    "Guys, the blues just knit some sweaters!"
    "Then what do we do?"
    "Knit some scarves to counter that!"

  • Coddy132

    5 years ago

    Doc can teach me a thing or two.

  • MetaLegacy

    5 years ago

    "So I kind of... got you out of my head...'
    "Wow How Emo... Maybe you can Blog about it."
    I can just see her smirking under that helmet.


    6 years ago

    "Maybe you should get a hobby, like knitting.
    I love the way she says that!

  • FreeAsEagles

    6 years ago

    Tucker = death from laughter

  • thebigwinner

    6 years ago

    Tucker always knows how to make you lol. Man, he's still got it XD

  • Shady23

    6 years ago

    lmao tucker is always in the right spot for sexual cracks

  • rgm1393

    6 years ago

    zacharmander: "It gets pretty hard and I don't know how to handle it"
    Bow chika bow wow! :)

  • Vindicus

    6 years ago

    In the desert?

  • dan2wik

    6 years ago

    what is the quicktime:Public Version download for and how do i use it?

  • zacharmander

    6 years ago

    "It gets pretty hard and I don't know how to handle it"

    that's what she said.

  • verynicholas

    6 years ago

    Is that smiley on Simmons leg at 3:30?

  • SnoopyBox

    6 years ago

    This is the best series I have ever seen of anything :)

  • tman221

    6 years ago

    good call numnuts

  • AgentHunter

    6 years ago


  • Dougernaught

    6 years ago

    In reply to caterpikens, #221:

    Hey chicka bump bump

  • trepmaws

    6 years ago

    In reply to theperson084, #226:

    In reply to you, become a sponsor and learn a higher path knowledge (he's not dead) :)

  • kushdoctor

    6 years ago

    tree branches.... in the desert.

  • theperson084

    7 years ago

    In reply to caboose_17: donut is dead

  • Brynn666

    7 years ago

    In response to cater bowchickahonkhonk

  • Motormouth

    7 years ago

    ya right volco

  • y0zhi

    7 years ago



    7 years ago

    I am church ya

  • caterpikens

    7 years ago

    in reply to 244 bowchikabowwow

  • GuerreroUMS

    7 years ago

    pretty hard and don't know how to handle it... Bow chika bowow

  • ranm

    7 years ago

    new won

  • Rhawk2106

    7 years ago

    'Wow, how emo... maybe you can blog about it!' Oh Tex, how I missed you and your witty ways. x-P

  • PersonManGuy

    7 years ago

    where's Caboose? I felt like hearing something retarded, but Caboose wasn't in this episode, wtf? *-*


    7 years ago


  • jimbo2222

    7 years ago

    How did Tex know she was easy? bowchicabowwow

  • Nihil122333

    7 years ago

    So many "That's what she said"s, so little time...

  • GuiltyKid

    7 years ago

    griff change to a girl he be like his sister in fact what happen to griff sister in rvb will she come back

  • killza85

    7 years ago

    I WANT DONUT!!!!!!!! :(

  • ODSTkiller12

    7 years ago

    RUN Kaboose

  • predatorwebs

    7 years ago

    do non-sponsors ever get to see the extra scenes after a while cause i want to know about these donut story things going on.

  • lvsharkgirl

    7 years ago

    I just love Red vs Blue.

  • MrrSir

    7 years ago

    I was suprised that tex didnt beat the shit out of them seams like last time she did she had fun

  • helion_prime

    7 years ago

    In reply to Star1971, #12:

    Donut is not an AI. he was severely injured and he went into recovery mode. Only Church is an AI. Meta, Tex and Church are special in their own ways. The rest of them (including Wash) are normal people. Caboose is only physically normal. But I think you figured that already.

    So wash can't "recover" Donut. Bsides he's after eChurch.

  • Kaijin

    7 years ago

    That comment about making Grif a girl via the computer strongly reminded me of the "Behind RT Shorts: Dress Rehearsal" video. *grins* Except the positions were switched and Gus was the one in the wig! Man, that was great. I like the way this season's going so far. ^_^ I don't think I've ever liked Wash more! Looking forward to the next epi!

  • stickmeister

    7 years ago

    that was awesome.

  • Zeamaphobick

    7 years ago

    In reply to Agent_Cain, #13:

    What about lopez. He got sniped in the head by Tex and lived. (what other part could she hit) I highly doubt a pistol shot by Washington would kill him. He's very determined.

  • Griffkilla15

    7 years ago

    To be honest I thought this ep sucked. The plot didn't progress and the jokes weren't very funny

  • SpiceyCarpet

    7 years ago

    Sphere of Ignorance. Fucking Brilliant!

  • dannicherie

    7 years ago

    In reply to AgentPsycho, #200:

    Reverse PMS?

  • AgentPsycho

    7 years ago

    wow, i really thought tex would still be a rotten bitch. shes less of a rotten bitch for some reason tho.

  • icarus95 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    7 years ago

    I just want to see Griff erm.... Girl...ified? Anyway, Who knew that with the check of a box you can change someone's sex? Perhaps they should change current sex change procedures to "Check box for the sex you want to be"

  • blindsk8

    7 years ago

    In reply to 244, #2:

    that's what she said

  • hellslinger

    7 years ago

    I don't know why but I really laughed at "You're My Girlfriend".

    Good episode.

  • Metrosword75

    7 years ago


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