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Comments (2587)

  • ItalianIce64


    1 year ago

    Songs in it?

  • Freelancer51


    1 year ago

    Those training exercises were Hell. I sometimes would hack into F.I.L.S.S. and let her think I was fighting in there. It was actually just a mop with a gun on one of those robo-vaccuums hoovering around in there.

  • smiegle2


    1 year ago

    Yeah i agree with the shooting a live grenade not working idea, somehow i don't see a relatively small metallic object striking an armed explosive device going well. and if she tried the paint gun, hardens armor sure but would do nothing to the grenade at all, give it more shrapnel i think.

  • AngelSakuBud


    1 year ago

    Oh Tex, your badassness has been missed!

  • LChurch77


    1 year ago

    For everyone saying shoot the grenade I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have worked...poor poor York he tried his best

  • Saskua78


    1 year ago

    They even point that out through the sparks coming from her arm

  • Saskua78


    1 year ago

    Tex is a robot and the hand with a real gun got shot so she couldn't raise the gun cause her arm got immobilized by the shot so she only had the paint gun if it wasn't for her York would without a doubt be dead or injured way worse than he was

  • Aqua113


    1 year ago

    Texas can take on three highly trained operatives at once and wipe the floor with them, but she gets blown up by Donut and knocked out in one blow by an alien.

    She also gets captured by Red Team, O'Malley and gets pummelled over and over again by Wyoming during the time loop. He probably enjoyed that a lot, considering what happened here.

    Just goes to show that every badass has his/her embarrassing moments. That's not a bad thing. It keeps things interesting.

  • xDoughBoy95x


    1 year ago

    I really wish they would've killed her...

  • Marksman23


    1 year ago

    This is just for rooster teeth. If you were to make a mechanisms using Spartans again would you do it? I have come up with an idea of my own for one. It's based on a group of Spartans who would soon run away from the UNSC due to a cruel captain "torturing" one of their best snipers by using his parents death against him. But he's not the only one who's suffering. A girl who also saw her parents die in front of her has been trying to help him move on but since he wound up forcing himself to feel nothing all his emotions were locked up building up like a ticking time bomb. Until it created a "demon" within him. I would like to talk about more of it but I'm not gonna keep going if no one want to talk about it.