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Comments (3780)

  • Sonima

    Sonima Walking Crazy

    2 months ago

    This season was awesome!

  • Woroteex


    4 months ago

    NO! Tex was my favourite character in this show... Now my life is over

  • Jad7155


    7 months ago

    You know its good writing when you go from crying to excited as F**K in only 6 min.

  • Animia


    11 months ago

    Okay but this episode gets me every time I watch it. Poor Church ;A;

  • NOKlA


    1 year ago

    The twists in this show are fkn awesome!! Absolutely great job done on the whole series, you guys have killed it!!

  • BrownBomber


    1 year ago

    It was directed at pretty much every single person in PFL.
    With the exception of Wash, York, North, Team Nice Guys Finish Last. Except Wash, he has friends again.

  • Franklin413

    Franklin413 The Alchemist

    1 year ago

    I only just realized that "Can't Trust Anybody Now" is directed to C.T.

  • Nal82


    1 year ago

    Why can't I watch episode 20 from season11

  • Christophe36


    1 year ago

    "you're never completely dead if someone still remembers you" -Tex, revelations trailer.

  • AAA8


    1 year ago

    Wow I cried but seriosly tex keaves the show all the time I doubt they r gonna get rid of her