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Comments (1021)

  • AgentAri2on4


    11 months ago

    After all these years thinking "wow South is pretty hot I wonder who her face model was" I just learned it was Griffon. Now I see where the hotness came from.

  • GigaHebrew95


    1 year ago

    If you're having issues watching the video here, watch it on their YouTube channel. It works fine there.

  • doggyduck


    1 year ago

    been trying to get this to work for three days now. anyone know why it won't work??

  • MuffinMaam


    1 year ago

    Why .-. Why can't we watch this?

  • strohbehn


    1 year ago

    Cant load the video :\

  • Matterhuman


    1 year ago

    Nice self reference @ 4:59

  • Scrufizza


    2 years ago

    It actually disappoints me when an episode ends

  • SamCook


    2 years ago

    Has anyone else noticed that mother of inventions servive code is RT-636

  • FearedRegret


    2 years ago

    Ok so south is magic because her helmet mysteriously moves from her right hand to her left. Or she was calm enough to switch hands

  • kdoubles24


    2 years ago

    Haha The tag for the ship was RT-636