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Comments (432)

  • Scrufizza


    2 years ago

    So monty does the animation huh? that guy is a genius and season 9 looked amazing

  • EnglishRage


    2 years ago

    If I'm not doing something like this is the next 10 years i will consider myself a failure. smiley7.gif

  • KrisRoikola


    2 years ago

    This is THE best web series on the internet! I love this show, i bet im not the only one who wants more RvB!!

  • ghcvi


    2 years ago

    what I see in caralina's face at the very end: You mother fucker...

  • josh47


    2 years ago

    Bow chika honk honk

  • Solmanaru


    2 years ago

    Mmmm Carolina.....

  • JosephDavis


    2 years ago

    so many reasons why I like red vs blue

  • DCLaxer06


    3 years ago

    If I got to make a character for this season that would be awesome. If I could work there for even a day I would be happy, I would love to participate in creating the story or even being a voice actor. I want to go to the next rtx

  • zeldar


    3 years ago

    dude i would work for rooster teeth all i want is to be paid i can easily get down there in a matter of hours... also i could sleep on the roof too!

  • blue100


    3 years ago

    York kind of looks like Rage Quit's Michael...