• Brandon & Chris Move Furniture

    RT Animated Adventures: Brandon & Chris Move Furniture

    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #44 is a recount of how Brandon and Chris should never consider a job in the furniture moving industry.

    Audio from RT Podcast: http://roosterteeth.com/podcast/episode.php?id=161

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Comments (191)

  • BoboMagroto


    2 years ago

    XD I love how absent minded those two are

  • apache1342


    2 years ago

    LOL " Duhhh, dude, there's a door there." " No fit."

  • HalfYourLuck


    2 years ago

    "And somehow they punched a hole in the wall."

    It's okay, it happens to me every day.

  • Rayn_Phal


    2 years ago

    I lose my shit every time at this one. "no fit" LMFAO

  • Christoefer


    2 years ago

    My favorite of all the RTAA :P

  • York99


    2 years ago

    Umm, what's up with the cardboard Gus?!

  • JohnStephenE


    2 years ago

    Haha, I love all the Animated Adventures, but this one is the funniest to me.

  • MercenaryA17

    MercenaryA17 Skanah

    2 years ago

    Is this true?

  • omeredith1


    3 years ago

    I'll hire them when I move then :)

  • Jdawsome98


    3 years ago

    I did the same thing but without the holes in the wall