• Donuts for Cake

    RT Animated Adventures: Donuts for Cake

    In Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #82, Miles' miserable evening takes a turn for the better when his drunk friend steals a birthday cake.

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Comments (109)

  • AshleyBren


    1 year ago

    6 dozen donuts!!? What would you possibly do with 6 dozen donuts?!! What, are you going to build a donut tower, make donut people, and rule donut city?! Donut planes are going to come in and donut bomb that donut city until there is nothing but crumbling donut buildings!

  • LeoMedrano


    1 year ago

    That's how you know he's a good friend. Cheering you up even when he's drunk.

  • SoloFlips


    1 year ago

    One of my favorite episodes.

  • teamlads23


    1 year ago

    Best animated adventure, by far. I love this one so much for some reason, it's so good.

  • WhiteWolffe


    2 years ago


  • maverick226


    2 years ago

    Half-Eaten cake = 6 dozen donuts.......
    Yeah, that's a pretty good estimate.

  • NeutralTangi


    2 years ago

    6 dozen donnuts for a] half eaten cake.

  • TeddyGrahams


    2 years ago

    This is my favorite Animated Adventure so far for some reason it is just ridiculously funny to me.

  • RebelishGirl


    2 years ago

    102. :'(

  • XNutcrackerX


    2 years ago

    "It coulda been, man." smiley0.gif