• Headlight Fluid

    RT Animated Adventures: Headlight Fluid

    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #4 is the story of Gavin and his work with a professional stunt driver who had an accident.

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Comments (191)

  • Varydox


    2 weeks ago

    as a joke, I once asked my fiancé to bring home headlight fluid (he works at a pep boys), and he just said "Sure, what brand?"

  • CoryMelton

    CoryMelton Rylomon

    10 months ago

    so i was driving by myself and i didn't have windshield wiper fluid and i said looks like i don't have headlight fluid, then i realized what i just said headlight fluid. -_-THANK YOU GAVIN.

  • wolftrek


    1 year ago

    This one kills me every time!


  • MANGAKrAfter


    1 year ago

    Oh god that's funny XD

  • MANGAKrAfter


    1 year ago

    OH MY GOD! HEADLIGHT FLUID! That made me laugh so f***ing hard! IdfjkldasI can't breath!

  • MaxDeidier


    1 year ago

    What episode of the drunk tank was this

  • adorbledoor


    1 year ago

    totally the best RTAA

  • JesterDancer


    1 year ago

    Seriously, I completed one point from my bucket list today!
    I had a weekend on spa in Helsinki (Finland) and I were heading to home and saw that my washing fluid was out and it's warm winter here this year so my windshield was dirty all the time, so I stopped to buy some filling.
    Well, I'm kinda trolly person sometimes and it was perfect timing.
    I went in to the gas station wearing "People like grapes" t-shirt and pretented to be foreign person.
    I asked the cashier does they have any "Wiper juice" and she was just amused and tried to sell orange juice to me and this continued like 5 minutes after she readed the sentence from my t-shirt and just literally facepalmed and started laughing.
    She asked me "Did you just phrase Gavin?" and I aswered in Finnish that "yeah, I actually did, funny how you noticed :D"
    Well, she said that it actually made her day so she pulled her credit card and paid my washing fluid for me :D
    I'm still grinning on that :D

  • Derix


    1 year ago

    Love when Gus was talking about how the headlight fluid could reach there until they realized what Gavin just said.

  • Snowbear170


    1 year ago

    A few years ago, this was an ad on YouTube. That's what got me into RT. Best quality channel on YouTube.