• Joel vs Technology

    RT Animated Adventures: Joel vs Technology

    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #36 is a play by play breakdown of how Joel handles a technology crisis in the office.

    Audio from RT Podcast: http://roosterteeth.com/podcast/episode.php?id=72

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Comments (216)

  • jazzthulhu


    2 years ago

    Hahahaha! Oh man, in tears

  • SanderValdma


    2 years ago

    The best animated adventure ever :D

  • ii7inferno


    2 years ago

    Shirt idea

    "The NUMBERS"
    UPS machines
    "The numbers are going down"

  • Gamesrock123


    2 years ago

    "The numbers! The numbers are going down!"

  • KathleenBrid


    2 years ago

    I'm surprised he didn't start calling it by a name aka channelling Caboose.

  • BooBrother


    2 years ago

    sometimes I feel bad for joel

  • EricHVela


    2 years ago

    That jarred loose so many memories. My brain is now a jumbled mess of IT stories.

  • MalcolmD21


    3 years ago

    'The number! The number won't stop going down'-I just lost it there :')

  • RTfanTEX


    3 years ago

    Because numbers and math make his thinker box hurt

  • Phantomrose

    Phantomrose Consulting Detective

    3 years ago

    Told my dad about this RTAA a while back and he couldn't stop laughing, now he's hooked on them and watches each new one when it comes out.