• My Blue Eyes!

    RT Animated Adventures: My Blue Eyes!

    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #56 is a dramatic recreation of a true nerd's worst nightmare....damage to rare collectible cards!

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Comments (239)

  • Nola0534


    2 months ago

    What podcast is this from?

  • AxelS


    4 months ago

    Miles is freakin' amazing.

  • Pikablu


    2 years ago

    Hey, its a blue eyes man! That is a rare ass card.

  • robertman2


    2 years ago

    I bet the kid was Micheal.

  • abyx


    2 years ago

    If that had been me I woulda wrapped the cards in my shirt and ran, I love my YuGiOh cards, if anything like that happened to them I'd be devastated

  • RobScholz


    2 years ago

    My wife and I love Yu-Gi-Oh! We've been watching the original series on Hulu lately, and we kept hoping to hear Kaiba yell, "My Blue-Eyes!" We got our wish when he dueled Pegasus. When he yelled it, we just cracked up! RT AA changed something I've loved for years and adds new flavor to it!

  • epicness101


    2 years ago

    I will be willing to bet that the kid who dove on the card is Ray

  • WhatWhat2But


    2 years ago

    HaloFan2000 must be a Digimon fan

  • TheBigDaddy5


    2 years ago

    MY BLUE EYES!!!!!

  • EricHVela


    2 years ago

    Geek stuff I never got into: Tabletop RPGs, Cosplay and CCGs, which is what most non-geek people I know instantly think of when someone mentions 'geek'.