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Comments (97)

  • LuckyMattz


    1 month ago

    I can understand Micheal, Im from New York where its like get your shit and leave my store. I lived in South Carolina for a year and the people there are just so nice it freaked me out a bit.

  • FusingFiber8


    6 months ago

    "Jersey Mikes" I just lost it.

  • swilliams823


    1 year ago

    "Jersey Mike's" like Michael from Jersey?

  • McDugals


    2 years ago

    I lived in NJ for 18 years and Michael's description of what it's like there made me really homesick! Reminded me when i would go to the local pizza joints after my lacrosse games! Good Times!

  • sjones25


    2 years ago

    Gavin already works at a place where he can do that.
    "How are you?"
    "Rooster teeth!"

  • Bhuvana


    2 years ago

    The way Michael describes going from NJ to TX about kills me. I moved from Providence, RI to Goodview, VA....people would wave and smile at me and I would be very suspicious and just slither away all terrified and pissed off that they DARE show me kindness. I am still sort of like that and it has been 5 years. I miss the abuse....getting called sweety and hun at by people freaks me out.

  • snoopster


    2 years ago

    Girl: "Fine how's your's?" Gavin: "Jersey Mikes!" lol

  • BobtheSmelly


    2 years ago

    Time to go up to people and when they ask: How's your day? I'll say the names of random fast food places

  • JacobCollins


    2 years ago

    People are nice in Texas because you don't know who's packing a gun and who ain't.

  • EmmaJayneS


    2 years ago

    It is funny, I found everyone in America to be rather nice when I visited. Maybe I need to visit New Jersey.