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Comments (214)

  • SakuraC1924


    5 months ago

    Lol, poor burnie.

  • ODSTRoman


    1 year ago

    ha giv 1 "WAKE UP BITCHES"

  • blearhippo0


    1 year ago

    my favorit part out of this video, "WAKE UP BITCHES!!!"

  • DHJones


    1 year ago

    @ PJWood
    or have an alarm clock with Burnie yelling "WAKE UP BITCHES!!!" XD

  • PJWood


    1 year ago

    I want Burnie busting into the room screaming "WAKE UP BITCHES!!!" to be my alarm clock.

  • CCCPTwigg


    2 years ago


  • AnimeFan555


    2 years ago

    For those of you wondering where Millie got the shotgun, here is the answer:
    1) They live in TEXAS
    2) Geoff used to be in the army

    Why wouldn't there be a shotgun in Geoff's house?

  • Maryland77


    2 years ago

    love the fact that Geoff is holmes and gus is Watson XD

  • ukomega


    2 years ago

    Barbara ftw.
    The sound Bernie makes when she wakes up, cracks me up everytime

  • 4rnr


    2 years ago

    Reminds me when i was teaching my brother how to shoot a bb gun then my other brother takes it from me off saftey tells me to dance than shoots me in the foot i start laughing and crying and sits there doing nothing while im bleeding alot