• Statue

    RT Animated Adventures: Statue

    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #2 is the story of Burnie and his fight to get a statue of him erected in Burnie, Tasmania.

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Comments (102)

  • DraconicSith


    10 months ago

    Also that statue would have desecrated within minutes of it's unveiling, bogans everywhere.

  • DraconicSith


    10 months ago

    I live like 10km from Burnie TAS, believe me when I say a parade like that would be a bloody godsend. Boring as f*ck here.

  • JZBurger


    1 year ago

    So i went to Burnie.com and i was pleasantly surprised. I GOOGLED Burnie.com and I found this: www.examiner.com.au/story/83213/burnie-mayor-deni...

  • Midknight054


    1 year ago

    God damnit! You got me!
    Every episode of RvB, and RWBY, I held out.
    But, after RTAA #2, I said, "Fuck it.".
    Now, I'm a sponsor. I hope you all are happy, you wonderful bastards.

  • TinaGrey


    1 year ago

    burnie.com > burnie.net

  • MikeHenderso


    1 year ago

    umm, can someone tell em what burnie.com is?

  • Bainbow

    Bainbow Vampire

    2 years ago

    Just went to burnie.com now. Well, that was... interesting.

  • PercentNine


    2 years ago


  • lancer820


    2 years ago

    and now you can get your own, available on the rooster teeth store

  • Burnt2Shreds

    Burnt2Shreds Metal Gear

    2 years ago

    This is why I love Gus.