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Comments (308)

  • CtrlsResrchr


    11 months ago

    Worth noting for the TLDRs out there that the dolphin that was working with Margaret did not take LSD, although other dolphins were given LSD.

    The interview at length on RadioLab says pretty much the same as that posted by ChloeWhyte, except it also goes into the aftermath in the scientific community.

  • Xorhacker


    1 year ago

    I also stumble upon that documentary a moment ago.

  • ChloeWhyte


    1 year ago
    It's true. The dolphin actually killed himself when the woman left him too :O

  • NewAwsomeGuy


    1 year ago

    what were the people who funded this thinking

  • SarahSmith1
  • Joshwashere


    2 years ago

    stop domestic violence, kill all dolphins

  • sillywilly


    2 years ago

    Anyone else want a more hand jobs t-shirt?

  • Tyroids


    2 years ago

    Listening to this on the podcast was fucking funny. Still my favorite

  • EricHVela

    EricHVela Sqorsor

    2 years ago

    Seems like it would be easier (and less traumatic) to just try to learn how dolphins communicate since it seems they learned more about that than teach it much of anything.

  • bigz3011


    2 years ago

    Still my favorite RTAA