• Drinking Game!

    RT Life: Drinking Game!

    RT puts their pint glasses to good use with a drinking game full of gross organic smoothies! RT and AH Pint Glasses on sale in the Rooster Teeth Store!

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Comments (170)

  • DanielDelean


    2 years ago

    Anyone know where to get these in Australia?

  • TheTactition


    2 years ago

    Having to chew down the smoothie, the texture of them looks nasty. Got to wonder if the makers actually enjoy their health-drink creations.

  • HelloImKerry


    2 years ago

    those drinks sound so gross. Might have to stick a mostache to my TV and play it :D LOL

  • TF219_Viper


    2 years ago

    Dammit When I Was Younger I Had To Drink A Protein Shake.
    This Brings Back Traumatizing Memories.

  • CreedmasterN


    2 years ago

    Those things even look disgusting

  • DifferentGuy


    2 years ago

    If this is how they work in achievement hunter I'd love to work there

  • Yawnski


    2 years ago

    A little bit of vodka and those smoothies would be alright. Or maybe they'd be completely disgusting.

  • LeviK


    2 years ago

    What if Gavin was there and his drink was mixed with wet bread?

  • Ignisha


    2 years ago

    "it's all chunky!!"


  • KM503


    2 years ago

    This keeps making me laugh so damn hard every time I watch it.