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Comments (470)

  • DBKoopa166


    1 year ago

    So is this what Mount Your Friends is?

  • Shinxi2


    1 year ago

    This is the second sexiest thing i have ever seen... Next to a gas station bathroom filled with dead hookers. Anyone agree?

  • ZviHare


    1 year ago

    Thats just.... wrong

  • blargh117

    blargh117 Francophone

    1 year ago

    That moment where you see Michael... IT"S ON.

  • GreyLight


    1 year ago

    why would you mislead us like that Q_Q that is so cruel

  • egademily


    2 years ago

    this will never stop being the best video on this website

  • xXJustinJXx


    2 years ago

    i know rts sense of humour and i did not believe for one second that those chicks were gonna wrestle

  • TF219_Viper


    2 years ago

    That Was A Very Misleading Thumbnail.

  • Chaosfreak61


    2 years ago

    Goddamn that was a sneaky thumbnail.

  • TheBestHam


    2 years ago

    Michael won IMO