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Comments (528)

  • usmailman


    1 year ago

    That shirt,I need it.

  • ShinjuTori


    1 year ago

    01:53 ...I think that guy in the lobby is Joel...So he's probably secretly laughing his ass off at them X)

  • BloodSkullz

    BloodSkullz Death

    1 year ago

    Why the hell would anyone run backwards down the stairs not just once, but twice!? What did Michael think was going to happen?
    Seriously funny though :D

  • Microtigerr


    1 year ago


  • LaPorting4Duty


    1 year ago

    The office looked so empty before Ray started working for AH and before Ryan started doing Let's Plays...

  • UNOmations


    1 year ago

    anyone notice joel

  • Poseidon1213

    Poseidon1213 Lysander

    1 year ago

    The Achievement Hunter office looks so different. How old is this video?

  • morakti

    morakti Jimmifer

    1 year ago

    Laboris Voro Ingemino, which roughly translated means: “work hard, consume, continue with increased effortâ€.

  • smokernarb


    2 years ago

    Woah pre-Ray AH office...

  • KaiLowe


    2 years ago

    pure dorks