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Comments (111)

  • VinnyOmega


    8 months ago

    The vomit was so... Solid

  • tucker256


    1 year ago

    oh man this so cute. I just want to brake him in half and et his soul from the inside

  • GreyLight


    1 year ago

    most adorable cat ever

  • Amadio


    2 years ago

    What set was that for? When this video came out, I thought it was the podcast set. But its not. What is it?

  • Lithriinm


    2 years ago

    What the hell are you guys feeding him..

  • JackHF


    2 years ago

    I think things would be a lot better if Joe was in charge.

  • jaina_66


    2 years ago

    whats scary is joes twin named boof (also a ginger and looks and sounds identical to jo)keeps throwing up everywhere. Also had a ginger cat named grif and it ran away.

  • InsaneTacoz


    2 years ago

    I wouldn't mind cleaning up after Joe.

    I wouldn't even mind interning at Rooster Teeth. Anybody know how to do it?

  • Yawnski


    2 years ago

    That puke looks like scrambled eggs...anyone else getting hungry?

  • MrMajiggles


    2 years ago

    I have an orange tabby. I call her b*tch cat. :)