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Comments (67)

  • xyameax


    1 year ago

    It's been almost 1 year since this video was filmed, and the day is slowing coming up. This is going to be another good year if they document it again

  • gjennings17


    1 year ago

    Winnipeg, Slurpee capital of the world!.... We aren't proud.

  • NoxNoctis


    1 year ago

    Our 7/11 always has a line that goes out the door all day on free slurpee day O_o

  • Slu3th


    2 years ago

    Aussie slurpees FTW!

  • Magecatz


    2 years ago

    the flavors are messed up. the best part is in my town on 7/11 the speed way give free large Slurpees so we go there instead.

  • default_ex


    2 years ago

    I would hate to live there with such screwed up slurpee machines. One looked like pure ice, the other like pure syrup, and one didn't look the least bit frozen.

  • WTWwolf


    2 years ago

    got a Slurpee which i did on 7-11 at my local 7-11 but i could not helped but be tempted and i got a bag of candy this video taught me a lesson just what you came for and leave

  • Pikablu


    2 years ago

    RoosterTeeth, Known for FIGHTING THE POWER!

  • KyleRoss


    2 years ago

    Is that other guy Kyle? If so, my name is Kyle, and I have the same Millennium Falcon shirt.

  • pyralidae


    2 years ago

    everyone seems like such good friends. and it makes me feel happy some some odd reason?