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Comments (91)

  • Coyb321


    9 months ago

    So this is the prequel to a Simple Walk?

  • HighEmoGuy


    2 years ago

    I imagine this is what the typical RT day consists of, everyone in RT trying to ship each other to opposite ends of the planet in hopes of saving $0.37

  • archenemies6


    2 years ago

    and that kids, is the miracle of life

  • HelloImKerry


    2 years ago

    I wonder how many of us are going to try and ship ourselves hoping for a job. lol

  • TF219_Viper


    2 years ago

    Now I Know How To Get A Job With RT.

  • MarshFriend


    2 years ago

    do you think its like a requirement to sit in a small box in order to get a job there

  • Apheasant


    2 years ago

    They should add "Kerry in a box" to the store. I bet many would buy one.

  • TravisErby


    2 years ago

    Like how Gavin casually plases shoe on top. XD

  • F35Pilot


    2 years ago

    Nah... Ray got to America on the mayFLOWER

  • inchigo12


    2 years ago

    this might not be on subject but i was just playing skate three and my board killed me