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Comments (821)

  • Sangjester

    Sangjester InSeRtBrAiN

    4 months ago

    I guess I'm just EVIL..... I was thinking Jack slapping the gaffer tape onto Gavins face......

  • Echolight

    Echolight Teresa C

    1 year ago

    1... rip

  • Terminate113


    1 year ago

    The way Jack ripped the tape off Gavin's arm is eerily similar to the way he slapped Gavin during the Certain Affinity panel.

  • Soulcrux


    1 year ago

    I love how Jack just walks away whistling afterwards like it was the highlight of his day

  • Draxedelic


    1 year ago

    Gotta admit, as many differences as Jack and I have had in the past, he can be one cold arse honkey.

  • AdventureM17


    1 year ago

    You can just tell by the look on jack face he was waiting for it to happen

  • nds711d


    1 year ago

    Jack FTW

  • SkaterXGamer


    1 year ago

    Barbara and Gavin <3

  • Buttkicker98


    1 year ago

    come one Gavin, just rip it off like a band-aid, a huge one that will take of half of your arm hair

  • Lukiepatukie


    1 year ago

    I'm not gonna lie, Jack isn't my favorite achievement hunter but that was awesome