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Comments (429)

  • L_Selby


    1 year ago

    oh jeez i think i just peed a little

  • RoyalArringt


    1 year ago

    this was awesome ya'll seem like cool people.

  • QueenMarj


    2 years ago

    Gavin's little squeaks are so cute

  • episcopagan


    2 years ago

    I'm impressed that Gus actually jumped out and didn't just stay hidden.

  • xxxspatzxxx4


    2 years ago

    and thus the walking fortress has a weakness

  • JosephDavis


    2 years ago

    All I know is if I ever go to a convention and see the booth for RoosterTeeth, if I don't see Gus standing or sitting where I can see him, I'll peek behind the table before anything else

  • Richard-

    Richard- Ur mum

    2 years ago

    Burnie is an awesome boss!

  • CalumMonster


    2 years ago

    gavin shoulda made Burnie go through the window feet first... dukes of hazard style

  • soundhound


    2 years ago

    gus cracks my shit up.

  • Mike_Dogg


    2 years ago

    That's the shit I'm looking forward to at RTX 2013