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Comments (882)

  • Connor6612

    1 week ago

    That ending cracks me up every time!

  • Kelsobunny

    2 weeks ago

    After hearing about Marshall coming back i decided to watch the old shorts and now all we need is Nathan to come back!

  • MikeIsgren

    2 months ago

    This is the first RT video I remember watching. "The one that started it all"

  • Powerade777 ~Fire Emblem Fiend

    2 months ago

    Man Matt gets hit like a champ, I took a baseball to the head once, its no walk in the park!

  • mrrev

    4 months ago

    Nathan was the best.

  • JacksonPS Classy

    5 months ago

    I've watched this short countless times, and I still don't know what Matt is saying at 0:22

    • DAE97 President of the Moon

      5 months ago

      i think "Had it the whole way"

    • milky-eye-balls

      1 month ago

      i think he said "had it the whole way"

  • Moeparker Ghost

    5 months ago

    I remember this one from the podcast. Burnie talked about how Matt couldn't catch the ball and got winded running through those flowers.

    Sometimes when life is hard I think about this video, and give up.

  • QuillanJacob

    5 months ago

    without a doubt the funniest skit they ever made

  • TheAsianKid7

    5 months ago

    These old shorts are way better than the new ones in my opinion

  • purplepiggy

    11 months ago

    The father looks like the Charon Chairman from RvB

    • Morry333

      7 months ago

      thats the chairmans voice actor :P

    • CallumIles

      6 months ago

      That's him

  • sfox09

    1 year ago

    still one of my favorite shorts

  • Aqua113

    1 year ago

    Happy Father's Day, everyone.

  • zanderh11

    2 years ago

    Man, such a great skit :)
    (Oh, and Nathan did a great job here, and I wouldn't actually change anything in the video, but I think Ryan would make a great Nathan substitute for this.)

  • BrownMan350

    2 years ago

    "You see he is my son " Baseball Hits him "Mother Fucker"

  • Zarnuf

    2 years ago

    I'm still curious how he threw that truck

  • Wynaro

    2 years ago

    Holy Shit, I love coming back and rewatching this one xD Such a good skit.

  • NecroSpade

    2 years ago

    Brilliant XD

  • danbonrp

    2 years ago

    instead of saying should we call is mom it should have been should we call his dad

  • James_Hale

    2 years ago

    Holy shit. I've never watched this first season and this is hardest I've ever laughed at an RT short!

  • ToasterMon

    2 years ago

    Still one of my favorite sketches ever... of all time.

  • kingluke663

    2 years ago


  • werm098

    2 years ago

    I love the ending haha

  • noobody77

    2 years ago

    This one is so fucking hilarious

  • peluso

    2 years ago


  • Chompyras

    3 years ago

    oh my god matt looks like the governor from the walking dead!

  • MostlyH2O

    3 years ago

    One of my favorite shorts

  • thrawn92

    3 years ago

    Talking about Matt, just FYI

  • thrawn92

    3 years ago

    hard to believe this is the same guy that plays Doc Dufreign. Then again, he does play Sarge, too

  • Epsilon112

    3 years ago

    Oh Nathan.......

  • Fearmydonut

    3 years ago

    Gets me every time :'D

  • Brentsteele

    3 years ago

    Catch is by far the funniest RT Short ever. Of all time.

  • IkeFanboy64

    3 years ago

    Best ending ever

  • Lukey

    3 years ago

    Very very last part is pure gold. such an episode.

  • Angdor

    3 years ago

    Matt you shouldn't be asking Why he has a basketball, you should be asking where he keeps it.

  • Mudkipz_v2

    3 years ago

    gotta be one of my favorites

  • 8492nd

    3 years ago

    What is the Song playing in the opening?

  • GsusMcNutty

    3 years ago

    what is really bad is that this has happened to me too...

  • KasparLoppi

    3 years ago

    how did he ''drive'' from London to america.

  • ddwag246

    3 years ago

    Why o why did Mat have to duck. Why!

  • reversedArt

    3 years ago

    i love how nathan doesnt say a word the entire time XD

  • APinhert

    3 years ago


    the whole point is that someone is throwing There is no magically floating ball. I guess what ruins it is how close they are standing but other than that its not out of the ordinary.

  • quillion

    3 years ago

    you know. If you look closely at the reflection on the truck you can see someone standing really close and throwing the ball at the guys face. :) And sorry for ruining it.

  • yewsernaim Yewsernaim

    3 years ago

    The good ol days. Miss em.

  • SpiderWolve

    3 years ago

    Haven't watched this in awhile, hilarious.

  • blueman00

    4 years ago

    This short is probably the funniest short they have ever come up with.

  • CHA1NZ

    4 years ago

    Three years old and it *STILL* makes me laugh like a madman!

  • Hglow96

    4 years ago

    I showed this to my dad... he loved it.

  • Jpdestructor

    4 years ago

    Final moment " oh mother " hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaXD

  • mindmovement

    4 years ago

    This was the very first RT video I ever saw :')

  • TheZingMan

    4 years ago