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Comments (488)

  • bluesrise


    1 month ago

    Since when was this sponsor only? Come on, that's just stupid.

  • MANGAKrAfter


    1 year ago

    I am probably going to have to rematch this video multiple times. I can tell there is so much I can learn from this! Thank you, sir Luke!

  • SgtSSarge


    1 year ago

    I miss the days of the RT comics... did they take the books off of the store? I always meant to buy them at some point.

  • kingluke663


    2 years ago

    Whaat happened to the comics......?

  • TTKomodoTT


    2 years ago

    Man do I miss RT Comics...

  • LeoMendoza


    2 years ago

    Catchy Song :D

  • jut86


    2 years ago

    me too

  • Warillusen


    2 years ago

    You know what I really miss? RTComics.

  • Sewerwrat446


    3 years ago

    and that was sped up too

  • DaisyGLam


    3 years ago

    I love stuff like this! Gets you inspired! And this music is so damn catchy,I've watched this video a few times just to hear the song!